Why bonobos waste energy having sex?

Question by n_n: Why bonobos waste energy having sex?
I watched a documentary about wildlife, and someone said that bonobo monkeys have sex for fun, is it true ? :/

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Answer by Cal King
They use sex in several ways. As a way to bond to other females, and as a way to control the males. In bonobo society, the females are dominant. The female bonobos will deny males sex if they misbehave. In contrast, male chimps beat up on female chimps. Female chimps often beg males for meat and they will offer sex in return.

The differences between chimps and bonobos is their habitat. Chimps coexist with gorillas, so they are forced by their bigger cousins to occupy less productive habitat. Since their habitat is less food rich, chimps have to hunt monkeys to supplement their diet. Bonobos live in gorilla-free country, and they have the choice of the best habitats. Food is abundant, so bonobos do not have to hunt monkeys to get the nutrition they need. Chimps have to defend their territories from neighboring groups,and they often kill males from neighboring groups. Bonobos are friendly with neighboring groups and males do not defend any territory Since bonobos have no trouble finding food, they have a lot of spare time, and they use the spare time having a lot of sex. The lesbian sex serves to bond females to each other, so that they can prevent the male from dominating over them. Even though they are still the weaker sex, several females can fight off a lone male. Male chimps bond with each other to defend their territory. Bonobo males do not bond socially with other males. Since bonobos have no problem filling their belly, they have more than enough energy to engage in seemingly frivolous activities such as sex.

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