What would occur if a male requires testosterone nutritional supplements?

Question by KevinL: What would come about if a guy normally takes testosterone nutritional supplements?
I’m a dude, and I’m about to start off taking testosterone. I am a minor feminine, and I want to turn into far more manly. Will testosterone consider away my feminine/gay mannerisms. I know there is “nothing mistaken with getting homosexual,” but which is not who I am, and I do not want people to consider I am some thing I’m not. I want to be more masculine and intense. Will testosterone dietary supplements do that for me?

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Response by lulio907
Uh… You are who you are. So using testosterone supplements would make you any person you happen to be not. Why in the hell would you want to be intense? It truly is unappealing.

Will not allow other people’s views make you modify who you are. If any individual thinks you’re gay, explain to them you aren’t, and kindly question them to pluck off.

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