What health care materials would you have in your crisis very first assist kit?

Question by s2k: What health care supplies would you have in your emergency very first assist kit?
In situation of an severe crisis, what lawful materials would you have in your unexpected emergency very first aid kit? I’m trying to make a “bug out bag” in scenario of any excessive tragedies or incidents happen at home.

My parents (who are doctors) have told me to acquire different materials for everything, as an alternative of a pre-packaged “almost everything you need” first assist package as they only contain fundamental resources. They advised me to have bandages, gauze pads, sawyer extractor for snake bites and venom, suture kit (are they even authorized?), liquor, iodine and some other vital supplies.

Any other recommendations/recommendations that are sold legally with a non-prescription?
Any prescription drugs suggested that have hold a prolonged shelf existence that is valuable (marketed over the counter?)

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Reply by greydoc6
Considering that you are not a medical professional, you need to not have any prescription medicines. How about two pair of latex or nitrile gloves? Soap, and possibly h2o. Liquor wipes sealed in foil. A tourniquet.

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