What are the greatest anti-aging methods/nutritional supplements/foods, and many others. for gentlemen in their 40s?

Issue by recedingin SF: What are the ideal anti-ageing methods/supplements/foods, etc. for men in their 40s?
Have been reading through about anti-ageing and do not uncover any excellent methods. I think I appear great for my age (so they tell me) but would like to find out a lot more. Any feelings/resources would be useful. Thanks.

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Solution by ilovetheworldasonecountry
Find out YOGA Remedy in your nation, or check out websites regarding YOGA. No medicines, no hazzles. Only they educate you how and when to eat much more oxygen than you normally do. It is simple. The origin of Yoga remedy is India. If you could continue exercise routines in the course of your daily life, at the age of ninety you may seem like fifty year aged.

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