Use of HMG by American Mobile Labs? (supplement)?

Query by Bob Roverson: Use of HMG by American Cellular Labs? (supplement)?
I am currently18 years aged at 6’3, 200 lbs ., making an attempt to gain at the very least 20 lbs . in the up coming 4-5 months. I was considering using HMG by ACL ([/url]), stacked with Ah-89, Estro, and Livr, all by the identical business. Would anybody advise this? I would also like a huge boost in energy.

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Reply by supdawg66
Sorry man I have taken alot of supplements but I have not heard of that 1. If you might be attempting to get a large increase in power, make positive to take a pre-work out dietary supplement and put up-training health supplement.
here is what I’ve not too long ago been getting and it has actually served me gain muscle mass:

thirty minutes before exercise – jack3d (very best health supplement I’ve ever taken)
instantly after work out – whey protein
off days – muscle tech creatine ( I never recommend this brand name, it has you ingesting way too significantly h2o and it tends to make you bloated. any creatine monohydrate ought to be wonderful)

hope this will help

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