Store for – Neuro-Psychological #13 Woman Endocrine Denial, Unresponsive Meridian – Homeopathy

Neuro-Psychological #13 Female Endocrine Denial, Unresponsive Meridian – Homeopathy

  • Launch Neuro-Emotional blockages that avoid ideal well being.
  • Find the Electrical power to change obstacles of your lifestyle.
  • Gradual down the biological growing older procedure by balancing and detoxifying your acupuncture meridian.
  • No side effects and Fda registered.
  • Acupuncture in a bottle.

Primarily based on Chinese Drugs 5-Aspect Theory, Dr. Theresa Dale’s Homeopathic Therapeutics formulation #13 targets, emerges and detoxifies resisted emotional strength styles creating illness, disease and concealed identities. All Neuro-Psychological Solutions are developed to help harmony and detoxify an acupuncture meridian, organs, glands, feelings, corresponding vertebrae and/or system. NER #thirteen is for the Female Endocrine program and the resisted emotion is: Denial, Emotionlessness, Denial, Numbness, Sexual Unresponsiveness. These solutions give a deep, quick relief that have a lasting influence because of to its high potency formulation with drainage qualities. Homeopathic NER’s – thirteen cures in the series – are organ certain and have botanical ingredie

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