reduce the cost of my supplements?

Question by nospacesorspecialcharacters: reduce the cost of my supplements?
I spend over$ 150 a month on supplements easy, just maintaining my shape. Is there a way that I could reduce the cost (minus the idea of stopping my intake)? I’m more or less looking for a sponsorship.

My current intake, a month, is:
12lb of “EAS WHEY” costing $ 45
BNC N.O. Explode costing $ 40
Universal M-STAK costing $ 30
Universal Animal STAK costing $ 60

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Answer by AnswerMe
Why are you taking supplements you maintain your shape. Supplements help your body recover sooner, this enables you to lift heavier weights and gain muscle. If you can to maintain your figure keep on lifting what your lifting, you shouldn’t need the supplements.

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