Mail order – Superect-viagra/Male enhancement (Herbal Supplement) SHK001

Superect-viagra/Male enhancement (Herbal Supplement) SHK001

  • The product possesses the effects of increasing weight on the appendix sex organs of the castrate animals
  • can markedly increase the animal sperm count and sperm motility rate and decrease of the sperm deformity rate
  • It has the effects of increasing wet weight of the rat sexual organs and its accessory sexual organs, especially its seminal vesicle.
  • no toxic effects on animals in long term administration through experiments.
  • 100% Natural Herb. No Side effects. Visit AA Health Device Store @

The product is made of 11 different kinds of traditional Chinese herb. It is extracted and prepared by scientifically advanced method. The product can invigorate kidney, replenish essence, nourish “yin” and regulate “yang”. It is indicated in male infertility due to kidney pain and “yin” deficiency, weakness of the loins and knees, sexual impotence, prospermia etc.

Since 1991, 300 infertility people couples have been treated by taking this product and other Chinese herb. The group has been set for contrast test according to the clinical research plan. The results show the total effective rate is higher 3 times then other Chinese herb .

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95

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