MABIS Tape Measure, Blue

MABIS Tape Measure, Blue

  • Made of fiberglass for durability and long life
  • 1/4″ wide by 60″ long

Our Tape Measures are graduated in inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Housed in a high-impact plastic case with push-button retractor mechanism.

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: $ 3.44

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  • Patricia "A Reader"  On November 4, 2011 at 2:11 pm
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    M E A S U R E S…..U P……W E L L ….!, May 28, 2010
    Patricia “A Reader” (Queens, New York, and Denver, Co, USA) –

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    Tape-measures for sewing, in my experience, are often without coverings. Lose, they must be folded and refolded, and finally bound with a rubber-band, to prevent tangles. The better ones are made of fiberglass or flexible plastic, (as is this MABIS tape-measure), but many are made just of a thick paper stock — easily torn and so, quickly useless.

    Tape measures for building purposes, however, come in nice, protective housing, (as does this MABIS tape measure), and are SO conveniently retractible — but they are made of metal, and so do not have the flexibility needed for sewing or health purposes.

    This nice little MABUS tape-measure, however, combines the advantages of the flexible, sewing-and-health, superiour fiberglass
    tape-measure, with the protective housing, (and full retractibility!), of the building-construction tape-measures, at a very reasonable cost!

    True, the tape measure, inside the housing, is only 5/16″ wide — a bit less than is found in many “non-housed” sewing/health tape measures. But it is perfectly adequate for most purpose. Too, this tape-measure is WHITE, with red printing — a bit different from the usual yellow, with black printing that I have seen on other, flexible sewing/health tape-measures. But the red is a nice dark red, and is easily seen when in use. This tape measure also has metric measuring on the reverse side, something which all tape measures — whether made of fiberglass for sewing/health purposes, or made of metal, for building should definitely have. This MABIS tape measure is a full 60″ in length, but there is also a convenient 12/16″ of extra, non-measured tape at the beginning, and slightly more than a full inch of extra, non-measured tape at the end, for even more accurate, and easier measuring.

    To use this tape-measure corretly, hold down the tob button, draw out the required amount of tape, then release the button. The tape will stay out of the housing for use! When you are finished using it, simply press the button again, and the tape will wind itself into the housing. (And do so very quickly!)

    This retractible tape measure, as with all retractible tape measures, works with an inner-spring. It is easy for a child to mistake this tape-measure for a toy — and for a playful/creative adult, (even fully realizing it is NOT a toy), to play play with it as a toy, nonetheless. Or, it can all-too-easily be used as an “executive toy”, to help banish modds of nervousness or agressiveness. But the spring inside is NOT indestructible! It can break, easily, if misued! This is a SEWING/HEALTH device — and NOT a toy! If the buyer wishes this device to last for many years, I suggest it not be used for anthing else than for sewing/ health purposes!

    All in all, this is a nice product for the price! And, at approximately 2 1/8″ in diameter, it neatly fits into even the smallest of hands! Sew….er, SO, it is definitely a real winner!

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  • K. J. Dixon  On November 4, 2011 at 2:32 pm
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    Very good, October 14, 2009
    K. J. Dixon

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    This review is from: MABIS Tape Measure, Blue (Health and Beauty)

    A pretty good product. The tape gives you inches and centimeters, which is always nice, and the tape itself is small enough to fit between any bumps or rolls you might have. The small size is perfect for a travel sewing case (fits right in the palm of your hand).

    I highly recommend this product for those who make clothing or for those who just want to keep tabs on their body size.

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