Is it risk-free for males to consider a fennel supplement?

Issue by John S: Is it protected for guys to just take a fennel complement?
I requested this currently beneath ‘men’s health’, but to no avail, so I am going to try listed here:

I was pondering if it would be Alright to consider a fennel supplement since fennel is made up of an estrogen-like substance (estragole), which interferes with testosterone. I go through that fennel can be utilised homeopathically for breast enlargement, so I just want to make confident I is not going to grow breasts, quit facial hair expansion, or shrink my penis. haha
Fennel is useful for respiratory difficulties (asthma/bronchitis/cough), in men it relieves bladder and prostate difficulties and can fight untimely ejaculation, it is also advantageous in digestive ailments (bad breath/indigestion).

^^ taken from different resources, but just some of the motives to get fennel.

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I don’t know, why do you want to just take it in any case?

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