Iron health supplements- Hazardous?

Issue by James: Iron health supplements- Harmful?
I seen my multivitamin isn’t going to have iron in it. I’ve constantly suspected I have anemia due to my consistently freezing cold hands & feet and exhaustion. My signs and symptoms have been really poor these days so I decided I would go and get an Iron health supplement from the shop and consider using a single which was 27mg to see if probably a deficiency was the difficulty. I was researching that the higher limit for Iron is 45 mg which tends to make me truly feel as if 27mg could probably be hazardous if I have taken in more with the meals I have eaten these days. Need to I be nervous about toxicity? Why would they make these dietary supplements contain so considerably?
I’m a 24 yr outdated male. Ought to I go and look for health-related focus?

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Answer by Blood Strike
Gentlemen generally do not need to have to complement iron as they acquire sufficient from the foodstuff that they consume and excrete iron at a really gradual fee compared to ladies. Until you truly are anemic, which only medical screening could explain to you, you could guide by yourself to iron toxicity.

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