If I despatched 500 ships entire of healthcare supplies to the Palestinians…?

Issue by Sky: If I despatched five hundred ships complete of health care supplies to the Palestinians…?
Would the Israeli Key Minister instantly feel that I’m sending missiles and weapons to Hamas in the West Financial institution?

Would seem to me, that Netanyahu is utterly *persuaded* that the world is hell bent on arming Hamas–whenever they try to ship assist: Meals, drugs, a lot required supplies–factors that are less complicated to procure than weapons can be acquired in bulk, and shipped with no a issue.

But the difficulty appears to be Israel and their paranoia of anyone even *sympathizing* with the besieged Palestinians.

Even myself. I will not dislike the people of Israel. I just dislike what the authorities has been doing to the Palestinians for the previous thirty many years or so.

Scenario in level: One of the ships that was to sail to was the one,two hundred-ton ship Rachel Corrie was also carrying wheelchairs and other medical materials, organizers stated. It was named soon after a U.S. higher education college student crushed to loss of life by an Israeli army bulldozer while protesting property demolitions in Gaza. The ship was supposed to be part of the assist flotilla but was delayed by mechanical problems and is ready off the Libyan coastline.

Netanyahu said the purpose of the flotilla was to split the blockade, not to bring help to Gaza. If the blockade finished, he warned, hundreds of ships would provide in 1000’s of missiles from Iran, to be aimed at Israel and beyond.

So how does wheel chairs and health-related provides magically transform on their own into device guns and RPGs anyways?

And is Netanyahu correct in the assumption that ships from all makes is secretly organizing to arm Hamas to the enamel–as an alternative of bringing aid to the Palestinian men and women?

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Reply by Duck Hetchel
Hamas has been acquiring weapons for a long time that way. Of course your ships would be searched. If you started out shooting, most most likely you’d be shot as properly. This just isn’t rocket science.

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