How do private or concierge medical professionals get medical supplies?

Concern by mr.jeef: How do private or concierge medical doctors get medical materials?
I’m not acquainted with medical professionals by any means, but I was pondering how non-public or concierge medical professionals get their supplies, products, devices, medicines, and all that. Isn’t really there insurance policy concerns? Businesses are unable to just give supplies like these to anyone?

If it really is the same as a standard doctor then I guess I never know how they do it actually..


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Answer by Diane A
Any physician in personal follow (meaning not in a situation like a hospital where factors are presented), orders their drugs, supplies etc from healthcare suppliers (there are many). You typically have to give a healthcare license, DEA license or even a company license based on what is getting ordered. Some products are rented underneath a rental deal. These items are bought, you do not get them presented to you. No insurance issues.

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