Do I have to source all health-related records to army recruiter?

Question by Rizzy: Do I have to source all healthcare data to armed forces recruiter?
Hi, I’m implementing to the US Coast Guard and met with my recruiter once so much. The subsequent action is the ASVAB/MEPS check out. Will the recruiter (or MEPS) ask for my medical documents immediately from my insurance policies business (can they do that)? Or will they question me to gather my documents from various hospitals and physicians I’ve frequented in excess of the a long time?

I am not making an attempt to conceal or lie about something in distinct. I just want to know how this works. Does the recruiter depend on me to be truthful, or will they search up my health care background by way of my insurance data?

many thanks

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Solution by CinnDre
If you have ever experienced any health care problems that needed a Doctor’s focus, healthcare facility stays, broken bones, and so forth… you have to inform your recruiter, and yes they will get a keep of your records.

If its everything serious, the physicians at MEPS will want to appear them over and they will make the closing determination!

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