Dietary Nutritional supplements vs. Drugs?

Question by Ambition: Nutritional Nutritional supplements vs. Medicine?
I am no doctor, but I am a little worried about the follow and use of drugs. Everybody should know that medicine is a follow and that it does not promise anything at all, the uses that it is developed for are not confirmed to prevail.

I have acknowledged many people who have ditches medicine (They have had large blood stress, large cholesterol, you identify it) and went to nutritional nutritional supplements and transformed their life-style no much more substantial blood stress, no large cholesterol, appreciable bodyweight reduction, seemed much healthier and had wonderful outcomes when tested in the lab.

Now, with that being stated, does anybody believe that medicine is not as powerful as dietary supplements? Do you consider some men and women are just as well lazy to consider manage of their lifestyle and understand that you have to just take obligation of your possess body?

I’ve been using supplements above the earlier few months and I come to feel more healthy, I exercise often and take in correct. My blood tests have been considerably far better than ahead of even though I was not a sufferer of higher blood pressure and other medical conditions. I’m only 18 and I currently really feel like I’m carrying out one thing much better for my lifestyle.

With all that being explained, what do you think of drugs vs. health supplements? Due to the fact if you think about it, they are organic. They are not gentleman-manufactured. I don’t want to get also off topic with the question, so I am going to just depart it at that.

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Response by ClickMaster
You’re mistaken about just about every little thing you stated. Hypertension is really significantly easier to manage with ACE inhibitors and Diuretics than dietary supplements.

How you really feel more than the past number of months will not indicate a lot when compared to significant scientific scientific studies with controls, placebos, management teams, and so forth. It’s only anecdotal details which is the worst sort. Your “thoughts” could be tiny a lot more than placebo effect for all we know.

Numerous dietary supplements are not all-natural and are processed just like medicine.

In the US drugs (prescribed drugs) are essential by legislation to be very carefully tested. No this kind of legislation exists for supplements. Health supplements are normally not tested and numerous include toxins and other contaminants, concentrations which range from what is on the label, impurities, fillers, and generally are not manufactured with the identical top quality manage as prescription drugs. In fact, each overall health authority in the US endorses that no a single just take dietary supplements without a doctor’s advice.

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