Did Obamacare comprehend what the tax on healthcare provides would backlash?

Concern by foofy2u2: Did Obamacare comprehend what the tax on medical supplies would backlash?
Look up Prepare dinner Health care Inc. Obama did a work on them as others will be affected. There goes far more positions.

Cook Health care Inc. had been preparing to open up 5 new production crops in excess of the next 5 a long time in modest communities close to the Midwest, including Indiana, but has shelved people programs due to the fact of the hit it will take from a new U.S. tax on medical units.

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Solution by ingsoc1
Why cuause they have to pay a 2 % product sales tax? Remember to they are fortune 500 organization.

Preserve believing what they explain to you, they are not going to build a lot more vegetation? Since they will require to pay revenue tax on factors they make hundreds of thousands off of make sure you.

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