Air force Health-related Discharge…?

Issue by amanda: Air power Health care Discharge…?
My partner has been in nearly three years. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes nov 08. he was a firefighter for them then has now been placed at a desk occupation. He recieved his MEB outcomes and they only presented him 20% disability so he is now heading to texas toappeal and battle for more to get at least medical benifits bc there is no way we could afford his healthcare supplies. my question is, what constraints or things may probably get him more disability? his dr. is heading to write a letter so we want to know what is going help us out the most.

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Get in touch with the VA. Most of the time the AF will offer you the complete least expensive achievable. Nonetheless individuals at the VA can help you with making an attempt to get a lot more.

Other than that have him ask his shirt and main who he can contact to find out far more about that.

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